In-Conversation with City Taco Shack

March 13, 2020

Meet Sue Wong-Shackelford of Kalbi Taco Shack and the new City Taco Shack — we sat down with Sue to learn about her history, culinary style, and what she hopes to bring to CFSTL.

Where are you from and how long have you been in St. Louis?

I was born in Hong Kong and my family and I came to the United States when I was 6 years old. I have been living here in St. Louis ever since.

When and how did you get into cooking?

Both of my parents were chefs, my dad worked at the famous Trader Vic’s downtown and my mother worked at the well-known Rice Bowl on South Grand among others. When I got to watch, observe, and assist over the years, it was such an incredible learning experience that I knew I wanted to be a part of the restaurant industry. My passion is cooking and creating new flavors & dishes and meeting our customers, and it brings me joy to hear that they love our food. I hope through my recipes and culture, we’re able to give you a memorable meal to share.

I believe food brings everyone together and that is one of my goals!

What kind of cuisine do you take inspiration from to create your menu? 

Asian fusion with a Mexican twist such as;  Chinese for the Rice Bowl, Japanese for Teriyaki Chicken, Korean for Kalbi Beef, & Kimchi, Vietnamese for Banh-mi Sandwiches & Coffee, Taiwanese for Bubble Teas. and American for Breakfast Tacos and our Brunch Burrito. All of our Marinades, Sauces, Asian Slaw, Kimchi, Salsa, Aioli as well as Vegan Aioli are all made in-house with the freshest ingredients possible.

How does family play a role in your restaurant?

This is truly a family-run restaurant with my husband Mark, myself and our two daughters, Olivia & Sierra, and my older brother Kam. We all take part along with a wonderful crew in producing the best food and experience possible.

What kind of experience do you want to provide City Foundry visitors when they dine with you?

We want the visitors at City Foundry to know when they come to eat at City Taco Shack that they will experience and taste a delicious home-cooked meal prepared and cooked by us personally. Kalbi Taco Shack has won many awards in the short time that we have been open and we would like to carry the same quality and hospitality over to the City Foundry.

What can a project like City Foundry bring to St. Louis? 

It’s a meeting and gathering place for students, business people, and families to get together for food, drink, and entertainment all under one roof. We’re proud to be a part of it.

Come visit City Taco Shack when we open this Summer!