City Foundry Food Hall Spotlight: Patty Upchurch from Patty’s Cheesecakes

October 5, 2020

Recipes passed down from generation to generation tell a story, and you can taste the love in Patty Upchurch from Patty’s Cheesecakes recipes. She will be joining us at the City Foundry Food Hall, and she took the time to share her story and why she’s making the move to set up shop at City Foundry. 

Can you tell us about how Patty’s Cheesecakes started?

My grandma was the family baker, and she always made the desserts for our family gatherings, sometimes making up to eight desserts for one event. My dad was also a professional chef so my passion for cooking started by his side on a small step ladder. He was one of the head chefs at the Chase Park Plaza for many years. He taught me how to cook, but my grandma encouraged me to bake. When my grandmother decided to give up making all the desserts for the family, she entrusted me with the recipes and her mixer, which I still have today. I continued to bake for my family, but then I started getting requests from family and close friends for desserts for their own celebrations – that’s how Patty’s Cheesecakes was born. 

Why City Foundry? What made you want to make the move into St. Louis City?  

I grew up in South City in Compton Hill so I’ve always had this nostalgic draw back to the city of St. Louis for my business. I feel lucky to have established relationships with customers all over the St. Louis area so it makes sense for me to be centrally located to all my people. When I first toured City Foundry, there’s just an energy to the space, and I wanted to be a part of that. Once we open, I know that will be the case even more so. With the draw of City Foundry, I am excited about the opportunity to have new and different customers discover my desserts. 

What are some of your most popular items?

I do a variety of different flavors of cheesecakes, but also cheesecake sandwiches, 2-inch cheesecake petites and more. Our cheesecake sandwiches with homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies are very popular. The cheesecake flavors can change seasonally, but some of the go-to favorites of our customers are Turtle, Oreo and Lemon. 

What inspires your cooking?

My family is what inspired me to start baking and still inspires me to this day. When I bake, I feel like I am bringing my family’s history to life. This is a taste of my childhood and fondest memories. 

What do you hope people leave with after visiting your booth?

I hope that when people visit my booth at the City Foundry that they leave with a sense of joy. We always try to engage with our customers, and I believe that cheesecake is a vehicle to build community and give someone a reason to smile.