#BuildingCityFoundrySTL: An Interview with Julia Yank from Taylor Roofing, Inc.

July 8, 2020

City Foundry STL’s progress is in thanks to some of the incredible local contracting businesses that have turned our forgotten 100-year old structure into a future place of connection for our community. We will be telling the stories of these local businesses through our new series #BuildingCityFoundrySTL. Meet Julia Yank, President of Taylor Roofing Inc., who’s company spearheaded the roofing of each City Foundry STL building, including reconstructing the century-old roof of the main foundry building.  Taylor’s attention to detail and ability to maintain the historically significant silhouette of the roof structures at City Foundry contributes so much to the iconic look of the entire facility. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement with City Foundry STL? Taylor Roofing Inc. actually started in 1905, and we are now celebrating our 115th year! We’ve been a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) since 2002, and have had women CEOs since 1989. Keeping diversity in the St. Louis market is so important, and Lawrence Group and SM Wilson have been great at making sure that’s met with City Foundry STL.

What has your work looked like with CF STL? We’ve been able to establish different roofing systems for all of the facilities at City Foundry STL. From the Alamo Drafthouse to the parking garage, each roofing project has been based on the needs of each building.  

The building that houses CF STL has a storied past, what’s been your favorite part of being involved with such a historic structure? Taylor Roofing has been around here for so long that it’s important we’re a part of the revitalization. As it’s continued to develop and grow, we’ve been extremely cautious of the history of the building and our own safety. 

What has it been like working on this project? It’s huge for us to be a part of this historic regeneration of this structure for the neighborhood. We’re excited to be a part of the history of City Foundry STL and the St. Louis community. 

Photos by Victor de Castro