Artful Expressions at City Foundry STL

July 17, 2020
Ozzie Salcedo, photo by Victor de Castro

As the deadline approaches for submissions for our mural project at City Foundry STL, we spoke with Director of Entertainment and Culture Ozzie Salcedo to learn more about the project. Interested artists can submit proposals here by July 24th! 

Where did the idea for the mural wall come from?

The City Foundry team saw the potential for the big blank space as guests enter the front doors of the food hall and public market, and they wanted to pay homage to the graffiti that already exists within the building.

How do you hope to engage the local art community with these murals?

Our goal with the public art initiative is to showcase all of the amazing local artists that live in this region. We believe that murals are the perfect canvas because while these are big, bold and beautiful pieces of art that will stop you in your tracks, the art also creates an expression of welcoming guests and builds a sense of community. Murals show the very important role that art plays in striking those emotions amongst guests.

What do you envision guests seeing when they first walk into the food hall?

We wanted something eye-catching and memorable that makes you think back on your experience in St. Louis and at City Foundry STL. We want to connect everyone who walks into City Foundry STL with the uniqueness of St. Louis and have them leave with a sense of pride for our city. 

What do you need from applicants?

  • A brief statement of your vision or design intent for the proposed mural
  • A display board including a sketch or image of the proposed mural or otherwise representing the design intent for the proposed mural. All submissions must be oriented horizontally (landscape).
  • Photos of examples of previous work and where this exists.
  • A compensation proposal 
  • Attention to context: architectural, historical, geographical, and cultural
  • Originality, creativity, and uniqueness of the proposed artwork concept for this project
  • Quality and clarity of mural design
  • Appropriateness for placement on an urban pedestrian site

How are the artists paid?

As part of the application, the artist must provide a proposed compensation for executing the mural or murals. The compensation should include all costs including time, materials, scaffolding, and any and all costs needed to perform the work. The artist shall also provide a W-9. Artists will be paid a portion before and during the process, with 50% upon completion.